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Who makes you smile?

Finally, an easy question. This post is devoted to my dear husband, Salih.

I have been married for just over five months and I find that I am still grinning from cheek-to-cheek when I think about my sweet Salih. We have known each other since 2015 where we started off as friends. However, even as friends he always made me laugh with his quirky sense of humor. We dated for two years, one of those years long-distance, then we were engaged for seven months and then finally we have been married for five months. While these seasons would be intense for any new couple, when you throw in cross-cultural dating, world politics, visa bans, and the Atlantic ocean, the circumstances intensify. However, through these intense seasons and serious communications, he has always had the ability to say a cheeky joke or make a silly face to lighten the mood and get me to crack a smile. He is even funny in English, which his second language! However, to my own credit, I am not hard to amuse and I am generally ready to laugh!

Maybe we are still in the honeymoon phase, but I hope it never ends. I enjoy his thoughts, comments, jokes, and dreams. I am grateful for this man that I surely did not see coming my way. I often think of Salih as a sunrise - I didn't notice him at first but at some point, I couldn't deny his warmth, light, joy, and love. He has brought steadiness, unswerving love, and undeniable joy into my life. We both have a lot of growing to do but I am so glad I get to do it with him by side - full of encouragement and always eager to deliver a cheeky joke to make me smile.

Honorable Mentions: My sister makes me smile and laugh so hard!

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