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When Do You Feel Confident?

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  

-Anais Nin

Feeling confident as a woman continues to be an aspect of life that I am discovering as I enter into new situations and environments, especially while living as a foreign woman in Turkey. On the whole, I am confident and content with myself. Yes, I have things I personally would like to change or develop in my character but I do feel a steadiness that carries me through the day. I have been raised, mentored and taught by positive, secure, and fearless women. I will be forever grateful for the women who have poured into me and pulled me along the path of discovering my own self-worth.

Of course, there are moments of weakness when fear takes over and I doubt my abilities. These moments are particularly uncomfortable because there are not my norm; they upset my behavioral rhythm which is one way I have realized that I predominantly feel secure with my personhood. Another way I can notice my own security is by recognizing the lack of it in someone else. We are all on a journey to grow in our confidence but the lack of steadiness in others can often be a mark of measurement to reflect on your own internal dialogue. It is also an opportunity, if an established and trusting relationship exists, to encourage and point others towards a place of self-worth.

Upon reflection, my most confident moments happen at the overlap of finding something I love while also excelling at that task. I find confidence when I clearly communicate a thought in Turkish, write a well-thought-out article, have a meaningful conversation with friends, run for 5 miles without stopping or make a meal that others savor. Taking risks, expanding our thoughts and pushing through uncomfortable moments usually results in self-confidence. What about you - when you do feel most confident?

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