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What’s Something You’ve Always Wanted?

  • I have always wanted a life and career that is based on food consumption and production.

  • I have always wanted to write a cookbook.

  • I have always wanted to have a cooking show.

  • I have always wanted a farm - a big piece of land with animals, different food preservation projects and bountiful gardens.

  • I have always wanted to use food as a tool to heal, nourish and care for those around me.

When I list those things out, I laugh because it sounds like I want to become Pioneer Woman, which isn't entirely misleading. Yes, I guess I want to be Pioneer Woman but with Turkish, social justice-oriented, environmentally-aware and health-conscious flair.

Truly, the kitchen has been a place where I feel most comfortable. When I was little, I was always in the kitchen - either cooking, baking or sneaking peanut butter. Like most of us, food is attached to so many memories, both good and bad. But for me, there is no other tool that can capture emotions and life as well as food.

So far in my career, I have made efforts to stay in the world of food or adjacently connected. Moving forward, I would like to continue towards more of a clear connection between food, my career, and my purpose. It feels like the most consistent theme in my life and a magnet that my heart is always tugged towards.

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