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What’s a Talent You Wish You Had But Feel Like it’s Too Late to Develop?

Currently, I am living abroad as an American woman in my late twenties who is still in the conscious process of searching for identity. So many times I feel like I missed the boat on making time to develop certain skills - but then I think of Julia Child. Not only is she a personal hero, but she is also an example of a woman who reinvented herself while living abroad and living out of her comfort zone. Julia Child was also the co-founder of my graduate school program, MLA in Gastronomy at Boston University where I was able to grow in confidence and take research and writing risks. To say that Julia has played a role in my personal, academic and professional life, is somewhat of an understatement. But back to the question...

"What's a talent you wish you had but feel like it's too late to develop?"

From my perspective, the tone of this question is a bit defeatist. However, as Julia said,

"I was 32 when I started cooking. Up until then, I just ate."

There is always time to adjust, chase down our passions and change course. There are a few talents that I still hope to develop - they primarily lie in the category of creativity. I have often felt that I know a little about a lot of topics and while I have some knowledge of the following abilities, I have yet to become proficient in them.


Both of my parents are extremely talented musicians and music was a priority in our house. I started playing piano when I was 6, then added the oboe when I was 10 and dabbled in the saxophone along the way. I have since then picked up the guitar and used it as a portable way to connect with the musical world. Considering my exposure to music, I am not where I ought to be. Truthfully, I never really enjoyed playing for others as much as playing for myself and I certainly hope my eventual family also feels joy while listening to and making music.


I have always wanted to learn more styles of dance, from swing to salsa. I think dance is a beautiful way to interact with music. Working together with another person or a team is such an incredible way to feel unified and connected. Once again, my parents are great dancers and I have always appreciated their ability to cut a rug and enjoy the music.

Video Creation.

When I listen to a song, I often create a story in my head that matches the theme and melody of the music. I wish I had the skills and abilities to produce these videos that can get stuck in my mind. I have tried before but would still like to develop my directing and editing abilities. I especially have dreams of producing some food-inspired videos in relation to content for Hasat Günü and Turkish food culture.


Similarly to video creation, I can imagine the design of a new concept, especially food illustration, but when attempting to make that come to life, I can get stuck. I wish I had better abilities to pull ideas from my head and turn them into a crafted design. I have had an illustration idea in mind for nearly four years but I still do not have the skills to make it come to life. I totally believe in outsourcing when necessary and this might be necessary for some of the projects I am dreaming about - but I still desire to be able to produce exactly what I see in my imagination. My favorite way to be inspired is by browsing @theydrawandcook on Instagram - it's mesmerizing.

But let me tell you something, I have not given up on developing any of these skills. Unlike the implied tone of this question, I know it is not too late. Watch out world - I am going to exercise those creative muscles and I am coming for you.

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