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What is Your Favorite Spot in Izmir?

Village Square
Zeytinköy, İzmir, Turkiye

Izmir is one of the largest cities in the country, with nearly 2,500,600 people in the official city limits. I have lived in Izmir for a little more than one year after living in Beşiktaş, Istanbul for two years. Both cities have their distinct perks but to put it simply, I love Izmir. The two cities are dramatically different and for the sake of population comparison, Istanbul has about 14,804,000 people living in the city.

Since moving to Izmir, I have unquestionably missed the variety of museums, endless amounts of events, and the diversity of restaurants. However, there is no replacement for our access to nature. My husband's family lives in a village just 45 minutes out of the city, but still in Izmir Province, where we have our own little summer house. We have tried our best to make that space our own and a retreat from city living. Whenever we get the chance, we pack up our car and take off to the village. Without a doubt, this has become my favorite place to be in Izmir. I love the drive out to the country with my husband because we get the chance to have a deep conversation, listen to a playlist or catch-up on podcasts. I believe this is a space where we both can come alive and breathe in peace. We can explore our love for nature and learn from the farmers who have cared for that land over the past decades.

In the winter, we have a wood-fire stove where we can roast chestnuts and drink warm salep. In the summer, we have access to a freshwater spring and a gorgeous undeveloped beach with a view of Greece in the distance (see pictures above). It has become a place where we dream about the future, spend time with dear friends and family all while enjoying the beauty of Turkey.

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If you could go on a vacation anywhere, where would you go? 

Photography by Madly Photography


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