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What is Your Favorite Room in Your Home, and Why?

View From My Kitchen Window.

If you read yesterday's blog then you might have remembered that technically today's writing prompt is, "What would be your spirit animal? Explain what qualities you would have in common." While I am fairly open and willing to share my response and perspective on many questions and ideas, I draw the line here. I have never resonated with this question and I don't feel like I know how to answer it now without a tone of frustration. So I am changing the question.

What is your favorite room in your home, and why?

Currently, we are living in a small, 3-bedroom, second-floor walk-up apartment in Izmir, Turkey. I also lived here last year with two roommates and when Salih and I were married, he moved in and they moved out. My roommates were already on their way back to America so it made sense for everyone. I really love our apartment because it feels bright, cozy and comfortable. In the past five months, Salih and I have done a lot of redecorating and renovating to make this home feel like a reflection of us.

We worked particularly hard to open up space in our small kitchen to make it functional and pragmatic. Since then, the kitchen has become one of my favorite places to be. Despite the black-and-white psychedelic backsplash, it feels bright, calm, and cheerful. We have a little coffee station where Salih can store and organize his coffee equipment and we also created extra worktop space by purchasing a portable wooden counter from Ikea. We installed wall shelves and placed green vines, succulents and aloe vera on a mantle in the cove of windows.

View From My Kitchen Window.

Right in front of the largest kitchen window, we put a little white table with chairs. While the intention was to have a petite breakfast nook, the table has since then become an extension of my workspace. I like to read, write, and watch while sitting at this table. Right across from the window sometimes sits an old man smoking 1 of his 100 daily cigarettes. We both try our hardest to not make eye contact and because it is winter, I have not seen him sitting outside. In fact, two weeks ago I saw a "Kiralık" or "For Rent" sign on his balcony. So for the time being, I am enjoying that spot to myself a little more until new neighbors inevitably move in. We have a beautiful tree outside our window that provides some privacy in the spring and summer but right now it is leafless and storing up energy for Spring.

I hope that in the future, I can always have a desk in the kitchen - I like to work while watching the kettle boil or the cookies bake in the oven. While it does surely lead to more temptations to snack throughout the day, I am happiest while working at my little white table, in my cozy kitchen, overlooking our busy street, in our overpopulated neighborhood in Izmir, Turkey.

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Photography by Madly Photography


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