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Turkish-Inspired Gift Guide 2020

For the past month or so, I have been in the USA temporarily and my longing for Turkey seems particularly acute - most likely due to the reality that I miss Salih so deeply. When I feel far from my home-away-from-home, I have noticed that a great Turkish inspired playlist and a makeshift cup of çay can do the trick! But it also got me thinking about other ways to carry Turkish culture with you as you live your global life! So many of you who follow me on this blog or on Instagram, also have a deep love for Turkish culture so I thought I would make a list of gifts that might be fun to give to friends and family who also miss Turkey! In light of the holidays, here are a few things I think would make excellent gifts!


The Turkish Cookbook by Musa Dağdeviren (featured in the Netflix docuseries Chef's Table) is one of the most comprehensive Turkish food cookbooks because it acknowledges the role of minority groups within and surrounding Turkey, which all significantly shaped the gastronomic landscape of the region. It's dense and informative - everything I think a cookbook should be!

Özlem's Turkish Table by Özlem Warren (@Ozlems_Turkish_Table) is one of the best Turkish cookbook authors out there. She has won awards for her thorough and comprehensive approach to Turkish cuisine. Her cookbook is a wonderful book for beginning your adventure to learn about Turkish culture in the kitchen.

Apparel + Clothes

OddBird Co. (@oddbirdcompany) is owned by a Turkish woman selling beautiful Turkish textiles like robes, towels, and loungewear that look so dreamy and comfortable. It has an earthy and relaxed style that feels just right for the season we are all enduring.

Artemis Design Co. (@artemisdesignco) makes some of the most beautiful (not cheap) Turkish kilim carpet shoes, bags, accessories, and more. Think high-fashion meets classic Turkish design!


Marsel Delights (@marseldelights) calls themselves, "the next generation of Turkish delight" and I completely agree. They are experimenting with creative flavors and making lokum (Turkish delight) chic again. I cannot wait to try the Matcha flavored lokum!

Paşaeli Wines (@pasaeliwines) is our favorite Turkish wine brand. For our wedding, we exclusively served Paşaeli wines to represent the craft and beauty of the Turkish wine market. While I was in NYC, I saw a variety of their wines being sold (my favorite is K2 ) and I know they are in the global market - keep your eyes peeled!

Prints + Cards

Hasat Günü (@HasatGunu) After all, this is my blog so of course, I want to promote Hasat Günü prints and products. We have lovely food prints that focus on Turkish food culture and recipes! These prints can be shipped all over the globe and are a great way to brighten up kitchen walls!

This is a small list of Turkish-inspired goods and I would love to know what you would add! Happy holidays from Hasat Günü, AKA me and Salih!


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