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Travel Turkey With @Djuslife

All photos and videos in this post are produced by @Djuslife

Our dear friends, Amy and Yevhen (Djus Life) came to Turkey and spent three weeks with us traveling around Turkey and exploring the cuisine of the country. Right before the pandemic, Amy and Yevhen quit their jobs and decided to travel the world. They started their travels in Japan, then traveled to Turkey, and now they are in Ukraine! Watch their channel as they navigate travel during COVID-19, exploring new countries, and finding beauty in the journey. Here are some of the videos they filmed while they were with us in Turkey but I also highly recommend following all their travels on Instagram and Youtube!

This first video is focused on the life and history of Salih's village. We are so proud of this land and we are so grateful for how Amy and Yevhen displayed the history of this region.

When Amy and Yevhen first arrived, we decided to plan a road trip through the coast of Turkey. Here are some clips of a boat tour, kayaking, and so many beautiful beaches!

We took a little trip to Alaçatı to experience one of the cutest villages in Izmir. From pickles to puddings, we greatly enjoyed the food in Alaçatı!

Explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus, just 10 minutes from Salih's family village! It was a crazy hot summer day but this place is always worth it!


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