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Some of My Favorite Things...

Somehow yesterday's writing prompt slipped my mind - I am finding this 31-day challenge rewarding yet a bit tiresome. Only 11 more days to go...are you with me?

If all of your responsibilities disappeared for one day, how would you spend that 24 hours? 

Because we are in the season of sweaters and thick socks, I am dreaming of this day happening in the warmth of summer. I would spend my 24 hours by letting myself sleep in, waking up to the sun and some joyful music. I would slowly sip on some of my husband's delicious coffee and then go out for a run. After that, I would come back and get dressed up, maybe even curl my hair! I would spend the late morning listening to podcasts, reading and doing something creative - like baking a time-consuming dessert or making homemade cheese. Then I would go to the local market and allow a delicious menu to form in my mind depending on what's in season. I would call up my friends and family to invite everyone over for a delicious dinner party outside with candles, old-timey music, and twinkle lights. We would have great conversation, play silly games, and suffer from belly-aching laughs. Throughout the night, we would cook together, eat and dance the night away. I suppose that isn't an extraordinary 24-hours - it's rather simple. But in this phase of life, simple is great and a big dinner with dear friends and family feels like a dream!

Who is your favorite book character of all time?

Despite the current hype around Little Women, I have always identified and valued the dynamic circumstances of the March sisters, particularly Jo. I still haven't seen the most recent production because as of January 20, 2020, I live in Turkey and the film hasn't come here and is not available online. However, I have always been able to identify with an aspect of each of the sisters as well as with Laurie and Marmee. However, by watching Jo live her life with tenacity, courage, and boldness, I was able to accept that my nickname "Jo" was also acceptable. In fact, I still love being called "Jo" for this reason. While living in Turkey, I often introduce myself as "Jo" because it is much easier for Turks to remember than Jocette. They often look quizzically at me thinking that "Jo" is a name for a man. However, when I introduced myself as Jocette - they only hear "Joseph." So either way, I have a man's name. Nevertheless, I rest confidently thinking that it wouldn't bother Jo March so it won't bother me.

Tomorrow's Question:

Where was the last place you felt a sense of awe?

Artwork by Alessandra Olanow ©


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