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My Summer Job in Santa Fe, NM

After my semester abroad in Paris, (swoon, how magical) I came back to America needing to find a summer internship in the hospitality industry. As a student in the School of Hospitality at Boston University, we needed to graduate with a considerable amount of hours clocked in working in a hotel, restaurant or somewhat related business environment. I have always loved the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico so I was eager to find a position where I could fulfill my school requirements while also enjoying the city.

I was born in New Mexico and I lived most of my younger years in the Southwest part of America - New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. I grew up with day trips to Santa Fe and could not resist the charm and character of the culture. For those of you not familiar with Santa Fe, it is an affluent and artistic city nestled into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Long ago, Santa Fe was the final destination on the Santa Fe trail which connected Missouri to New Mexico. This trail originally was established by the Spaniards and was used as a commercial route and played an important role in the westward expansion of North America. It was nearly 900 miles of rugged terrain with many risks and dangers along the journey. Santa Fe plays a large role in the history of America, particularly in the development of the West.

Now the city is filled with art galleries, boutique shops, incredible food, and other unbelievable attractions. I was able to find an internship at an incredible company in Santa Fe that owned a few different hotels and restaurants in the city. During my three months working there, I lived in one of the hotels and was exposed to various departments in the company such as marketing, sales and food and beverage. On the weekends, I was able to drive to Albuquerque, spend time with family nearby, go on hikes, and enjoy the offerings of Santa Fe. It was a really fun summer full of adventure, growth, new friendships, and eating late-night pie on the porch. If you get the chance, spend a few days in Santa Fe!

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