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If You Could Go on a Vacation Anywhere, Where Would You Go?

The list is infinite and I will never run out places that I am keen to visit - what a simply frustrating question. Some of the countries that I am dying to visit are Argentina, Japan, Pakistan, Georgia, and Peru. But at the moment, my number one desired place to visit is Mexico.

I do not want to go to the typical places like Cabo San Lucas or Playa del Carmen, even though these places are gorgeous and the beaches would keep my husband happy for his entire life. I am, however, more interested in traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico City, Veracruz, and Guadalajara. The food culture of Mexico is particularly enticing and each of these cities has a dish or product that I am eager to experience.

I am from the Southwest region of America - born in New Mexico, then grew up in Texas and Colorado. I am somewhat familiar with Mexican cuisine, however, I know there is so much more that the Americanized version of the Mexican table.

I think this craving for a trip to Mexico has increased since living in Turkey, where Mexican food is synonymous with a mediocre quesadilla served with runny tomato paste-based salsa. At this point, while living in Turkey, it is much more likely that a trip to Georgia or Pakistan would happen before Mexico. However, one can dream.

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Artwork by © Olivia Brotheridge @oliviab_design

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