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A Sense of Awe.

You know it when you feel it - awe is not ordinarily an everyday emotion but its power can stay with you as we live our ordinary lives. When I encounter something truly "awesome" there is a forever imprint of the experience on my thoughts and emotions. Here are a few things that have inspired awe in me in the last couple of months.

1. In December of 2019, Salih and I had the incredible possibility to visit Rome for a weekend. For a while, we were not sure if it would come to fruition but thankfully the cards aligned and we were able to spend four days in Italy with my Dad. As soon as we hit the ground, we beelined our way to the Sistine Chapel. We briskly walked through the long-drawn and abundant Vatican museum until we reached the star of the show. I completely understand that the Sistine chapel might be a cliché to describe as awesome - but we were truly gobsmacked. We snuggled into a little bench along the wall, cranked our heads up towards the ceiling and sat there pointing at newly discovered details until our necks could no longer handle the discomfort of the position. With each new piece of information you learn about Michelangelo, the process of painting or the politics surrounding the painting's commission, the more fascinating the masterpiece becomes. This is one of few pieces of art that truly lives up to its hype and recognition.

2. To experience "awe" on a more common scale, you must check out the @science Instagram profile created by Guff Science. Every time I browse the posts, I learn something new and I am blown away but the intelligence of nature. If you choose to follow @science, you will learn about animals, physics, and environmental phenomenons - much like the Blue Java banana that is said to taste like vanilla ice cream pictured below.

3. Have you ever heard of a Slow-Cooker Chocolate Chip Cookie? Well, I came across this recipe and it completely gripped my attention and I was caught with my mouth open with streams of drool dribbling down. This giant cooking is absolutely gorgeous and meant to be devoured communally as friends dig their way in looking for the perfect bite. The recipe looks relatively easy with readily available ingredients. I haven't tried it to make it yet because it isn't keto but if you try it, share your experience with me!

Tomorrow's Question:

Who is the last person you texted? Describe that person. 

Artwork by Alessandra Olanow ©


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