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The Power of Perspective

Perspective by Alessandra Olanow

“If transition isn’t painful then you aren’t making progress.” -Anonymous

Four weeks in Turkey and I still feel my wobbly, baby deer legs beneath me. This is a new city for me, a new community and a new life pattern. It has been a little while since my last post - partly due the vast amount of change I have experienced and partly due to my emotional oscillation.

The truth is that this transition has been full of doubt and certainty, panic and peace, fear and hope. We are deeply complex beings that can feel both happy and sad in the same moment.

But in the past week, I have noticed that it is particularly challenging to panic or be fearful when practicing gratitude. Thankfully, this realization has allowed me to move into a position of appreciation for the many gifts surrounding me. From time to time, I need to restructure my thought patterns and change my perspective - this has been life-long struggle.

Today, I sit with a coffee in hand and peace that life is full of joy, challenges and hope. I am finding life-rhythms and cherishing my surroundings.

Last week, I officially started my Turkish language course. I now know my local food markets, I am not getting lost (as easily) and my clothes have been fully unpacked and placed in their appropriate spot.

I have noticed that when I feel stable and my environment is predictable, I have more freedom to create and dream. So, I am back and I am very excited about some upcoming projects - stay tuned!

Art work by Alessandra Olanow ©

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