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Curious about Cupping Therapy?

Curious about cupping therapy? Me too.

Every time I go my visit my boyfriend's family in Izmir, Turkey, something unusual takes place. At one point or another, a tray of 6-8 small drinking glasses appear on a tray. They are placed on the floor and then walks in his sister and mom with a lighter and jumbo cotton swab.

Then the family gathers together, my boyfriend takes off his shirt and lays on the ground. The jumbo cotton swab is soaked in flammable alcohol and then one-by-one, his Mom places these glass suction cups onto his back. Little domes of pulled skin form. Honestly, it looks painful. However, my boyfriend doesn't look bothered.

As many of you know, cupping is an ancient therapy with roots in Asia and the Middle East. It is a tool used to improve circulation, massage muscles and relieve pain spots. The suction creates an inverted massage to work through tense spots on the body. The remaining circles leave unsightly proof of what took place however within a week, they fade.

A lot of people have opinions about the practice: some athletes swear by its therapeutic benefits others disregard the practice entirely. But after giving it a try, I must say that I'd do it again - I felt instant relief in my neck and lower back. While I did feel pulling and pressure, I didn't experience pain. Curious to learn more about this practice? Check out this link.

Have you ever tried cupping therapy? Would you giving cupping a shot?

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